5 essential factors to consider when in need of logistics services

Logistics Services

Whether you are an individual, small-medium business or a corporate organization; the need for logistics services may arise that may require your business to search for the best logistics provider within your region.

These are basically five essential things to look out for when you need logistics services for your business.

  1. Security (Goods in Transit)

You would agree that ensuring the safety of your goods throughout its transportation to the final destination is one important assurance you expect from a logistics provider. Equally, you would be very dissatisfied if you were informed by a logistics service provider that your cargo was stolen, damaged or involved in an accident.

Transporting goods without insurance is a wrong step towards unforeseen circumstances. A reputable logistics provider will provide you with insurance on all goods being transported in order to protect it against any accident-based occurrence. Having your goods in transit insured, no matter how little the quantity that is being transported, should be an essential service to look out for when considering logistics services.

2. Real Time Visibility

With real time visibility over your trips, you are not kept in the dark wondering where your goods in transit are or what happened to a truck. This makes it an important service to consider when your business requires logistics services.

Not many logistics providers offer the ability to receive real time insights on your goods transportation throughout the journey. Although traditionally, this used to be impossible or expensive as cargo owners would have to call logistics services or drivers to keep in touch on the progress of their trips.

3. Cost Analysis

One major factor that you may be considering above all, could be finances. You are unsure if the quote on your freight request is cost-effective and favors your business.

So you need to consider if the logistics provider offers your business a competitive quote, either by negotiating a mutual fee to carry out your logistics needs or by establishing a contractual agreement that contains fulfillment of services rendered to your business.

Like every business, you also want to achieve a reduction in your logistics costs to achieve minimal expenses. You can use our Kobo Price Estimator to find out how much it would cost to transport your goods from pick-up to delivery.

4. Ability to Service Request

If you operate in an industry that transports large quantities of goods on a frequent basis; like manufacturing companies and FMCG brands, there is a need to ensure that the logistics company you intend to choose has a wide expertise in moving large quantities or, simply put, fulfilling your freight needs.

Logistics services vary, as some logistics providers specialize in small quantity goods, shorter trips, non-heavy goods, while others may be experts in higher volumes of goods and long-haul trips. So, this is also an essential factor to consider when you need logistics services.

5. Support Services

An efficient support service will ensure that your freight requests are met. This is the benchmark by which a logistics provider will be able to resolve any challenges that your business may encounter during the logistics process.

While you need to take this more seriously, an excellent support service will ensure that your business gets the best value for your money; starting from the onboarding process, customer service, discounts and other benefits derived from your logistics services partner.

So when next you’re stuck with choosing the best logistics service provider for your business, you may consider the personalized experience each services provider is willing to offer you.

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Kobo360 collaborates with Decagon Institute to scale-up tech talents in Nigeria

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