Efficient Logistics: How to Properly Request a Logistics Service

How to request a logistics service

When a business sells products of any kind, a crucial part of the sales process would be to get goods moved safely from the point of supply to the place of demand. This is where logistics are needed to make the shipping and delivery process efficient and rewarding.

Lots of small and medium business owners opt for having their products delivered via the post office or other courier services. While this isn’t bad in itself, it doesn’t work for the long term and may involve more time than you expect. As your business grows and expands, don’t you think you would need to find better options that can make your operations more productive?

Well, at a larger stage, some businesses think of integrating logistics services into their general operations — which is quite important. The challenge, however, comes when there’s a need to reduce huge cost on running operations while still ensuring productivity and profitability. Usually, the best option at this point is to hire a logistics company to manage the delivery services so one can be assured of a realistic budget and controlled systems for one’s deliveries.

It may be a bit of a task to get a reliable logistics company when there’s no proper guidance. To make things easy, we’ve outlined some steps below to help you find the best logistics service for your business:

1. Make Some Research

The first thing you should do is to find out what your available options are. Search for logistics services that are available and how they work. Then, sit back and decide which one of them would work best for your business. Thankfully, Kobo360 is one of the trusted logistics services you should really consider.

2. Ask Questions

When hiring a logistics company to manage your logistics, you surely don’t want glitches and complaints like having to deal with why a product wasn’t delivered at the appropriate time or why it was delivered to the wrong client.

It’s important that you make some important enquiries before you choose to work with any logistics firm. Here are a few of the questions you should ask:

  • How easy for you to track the whole logistics process
  • Customer support response time
  • Routes the logistics company have operations network in
  • Delivery time and cost

You can place a call to the company to get some more insight into these questions. If you are trying out Kobo360 for the first time, and you need these questions answered, please reach us via +234 80KOBO360.

3. Get a Quotation

After getting satisfactory responses to the questions, the next step is to request a quotation. At Kobo360, we are a modern logistic company and you can seamlessly get an estimate via our FREE estimator where you can simply enter details like the pick-up point, the delivery point and the size of what you want to be delivered and get the estimated cost instantly.

4. Make Your Request

Now that you are good to go. Make your logistics request.

If you are using Kobo360, you really won’t need to move an inch to make a logistics request, by downloading our app here — bit.ly/downloadKoboApp, you can request a logistics service at the click of a button and in fact, track progress time-in-time-out.

Finally, remember that the logistics companies you choose to work with are the arms and legs of your business (operations), so competitive cost, efficiency and transparency of service should be key to you.

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