Date:April 18, 2021

We are Glad to Extend our Service to West Africa’s Largest Shipping Port, Togo

At Kobo360, We are committed to revolutionizing the Logistics Industry in Africa.

We work to aggregate her logistics terrain in order to improve the delivery of industrial and enterprise goods across the continent under a controlled, transparent, and accessible system. This gives room for efficiency and reduces economic waste.

In this light, we officially launched the Kobo360 Togo Office Yesterday, 14th March 2019!

With the support of Cina Lawson [Minister of Posts and Digital Economy and Tech Innovation, Togo], Dammipi Noupokou [Minister of Transport, Lome], Gregory Krief [Managing Director, Mediterranean Shipping Company – Niger, Lome & Benin], Kokou Edem Tengue [Managing Director, Togo], Prosper Koumako Gato [Managing Director, Group Gato, Lome] and the Managing Director of Hi HeavyMat Industry, at the official launch today, we are re-assured and re-energized that the African Logistics industry will be a leading force in the Global Logistics Industry.

We are keen on supporting the numerous freight African companies who require safe, efficient and reliable hauling of their goods to cargo recipients and the right markets.

Remarkably, we have been able to reduce the number of frictions and challenges that come with getting safe, reliable and rewarding road-based logistics among leading companies and individuals with freight needs.

With the efficiency of our mobile technology and analytics, we have moved over 260m KG of goods, serviced over 1,339 businesses and aggregated a fleet of over 10,000.


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