Date:April 18, 2021

How to make 500% Profit by Investing in The Logistics Business

How to make 500% Profit by Investing in The Logistics Business

As a business person, growing your income (actively or passively) is absolutely key. Amongst the many investment options out there, logistics investment is one of the most profitable.

In Nigeria alone, the logistics market size is worth $80 billion annually. Pretty huge!

KoboWin was started by Kobo360 to enable anyone to invest in logistics and reap huge benefits. As a KoboWIN investor, you can watch your money grow with very impressive returns per time.  

What is KoboWIN

KoboWIN is an investment platform that permits members of the public (individual investor, corporate entity or a pool of investors) to invest in funds for acquisition of trucks. With the fully managed services that Kobo360 offer, you will earn monthly until your initial investment is paid in full with sizable interest.

How Does KoboWIN Work?

With a simple investment of as low as 4 million Naira, you can become an investor on KoboWIN and make up to 500% in profit on your investment. Your investment is ploughed into purchasing new trucks and these trucks are put into work to service customers time-in-time-out. One major concern you might have as an investor is the security of your investment; all trucks purchased on KoboWIN are covered with insurance. The entire process is managed by KoboWIN to ensure that you get value for money.

As an investor, you have an real time access to monitor the status and performance of your investments.  

What are you waiting for? To invest in KoboWIN, simply register and let’s get you started.

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